Caribbean Law Enforcement

    About Us

    Our Team


    The Board of Trustees for the Caribbean Law Enforcement Foundation is made up of current and former public safety personnel and professionals from private industries. They all share the common goal of seeing the quality of life improve within the Caribbean.

    The foundation is always looking for forward thinking individuals to serve on its board to be of service to the Caribbean,

    Our History


    The Caribbean Law Enforcement Foundation is the brainchild of retired NYPD Detective David Watson who saw a need for follow-up and advanced training for Caribbean law enforcement and first responder personnel. While a Detective with the NYPD he travelled to the Caribbean yearly with law enforcement officers from various Unites Stares agencies. Over the years they St. Vincent & The Grenadines, Barbados, St. Lucia and Antigua. While conducting training during these trips David saw the great need for continuing education and advanced training. When asked what training is needed the response was always “everything”. In 2012 David was able to secure training for Caribbean personnel within the NYPD’s “Basic Methods of Security Course” and “Active Shooter Training”; he then liaised with the Caribbean Regional Security System to have Caribbean personnel attend the trainings. Since then he coordinated the training accessibility, lodging and transportation while the Caribbean personnel were in New York City. Personnel form Antigua, Barbados, Dominica and St. Vincent & The Grenadines have benefited from the New York based training. The accessibility to training was a great step forward but only a few Caribbean personnel could attend training; an average of one person per island at a time. This was due to the cost of incurred by the Caribbean governments paying for airfare, lodging and food for each person attending training in New York City; the average cost per person was $8000.00 US dollars. Due to the financial strain on Caribbean governments sending personnel to the United States, David realized the solution would be to send the trainers to the Caribbean. Upon his retirement in June 2015, David endeavored to create a situation where he could send trainers and equipment to the Caribbean at no cost to the governments. Incorporated in January 2016. The Caribbean Law Enforcement Foundation started bi-monthly training in the Caribbean January 2018. The airfare, lodging and meals for the trainers travelling to the Caribbean will be covered by the foundation.  David aptly chose the Latin phrase “Securitate Futuris” as the motto for the foundation, the English translation is “Securing The Future".

    Our Mission


    The Caribbean Law Enforcement Foundation was formed to enhance Caribbean public safety agencies, by providing funding and equipment for training and technological infrastructure. The foundation provides funds to bring Caribbean public safety personnel to the United States for advanced training. Send trainers and equipment to the Caribbean to conduct general and advanced training. Also providing funding and equipment to enhance the technological abilities of Caribbean public safety.

    The beneficiaries of the Caribbean Law Enforcement Foundation are the Regional Security System (RSS) and the Association of Caribbean Commissioners of Police.